“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you’re very courageous: be strong, be extremely kind, and above all be humble."- Serena Williams

Why should you choose BabePool?

I am a female entrepreneur. I came across Cardano this year and decided to run the BABE pool. I want to spread the word about blockchain technology to the people closest to me and my fellow entrepreneurs. I want to empower women in the crypto space.

What are staking and rewards?

How does staking work?

Cardano staking might seem a lot to take in; in reality, it is pretty straightforward, even for first-time crypto users. I used to be one. Staking is a form of blockchain validation. Blockchain validation is the security theory that most cryptocurrencies utilize; it's how the community validates transactions. Specific cryptocurrencies take tremendous processing power and undermine the "decentralized" aspect by giving the validation control to the few who have the resources to do so, i.e., multimillion-dollar corporations that control giant server farms. The average person is unable to compete. Cardano is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency proof-of-work or mining is not used to validate transactions. Instead, validation takes place by the stake pools, which are chosen as the epoch slot leaders. An epoch is a five-day period. A slot leader is selected based on the power from everyone in the community who delegates their Cardano (ADA) to small pools like BABE. The pool set as a slot leader has the responsibility of creating new blocks and validating them; as a result, the pool is awarded new ADA tokens that are distributed to the stake pool members.

Cardano Staking Rewards.

The individuals involved in the staking process will earn passive income that will be awarded in the form of more ADA tokens whenever a pool like ours validates a block. If you want to participate in receiving these rewards, you must delegate your ADA, such as the BABE pool, which can be found on the wallet's delegation center. In the delegation center, use our ticker BABE to find us. Cardano staking is how new tokens are minted and the rewards distributed.
The Cardano staking model allows everyone who owns ADA to participate and benefit by staking to small pools instead of pools that run expensive servers getting all the rewards for validating transactions and block producing. There is no action to be taken on your part to claim your rewards as they are automatically distributed. The rewards will appear on your wallet at the end of the five-day epoch. When you delegate to a new pool initially, there will be a delay when your rewards begin to appear in your wallet. The great thing about the Cardano consensus is that your tokens never leave your wallet or are locked; you are free to use them however you like.